Roots of a rotting tree

Not a day goes by where I don’t think about how excessively cruel this existence is. Only a small amount of pain is needed for us to understand what pain is yet this world has an abundance of cruelties.  

That feel when you come home from a long day of classes and your roommate gives you lemonade and vodka.

I’m finna bust my gun.


If I have to read one more short story about a a girl and her first boyfriend’s car/truck, the music they listened to while driving really fast,  and how it was the best time of their miserable existence I’m finna strangle somebody. This class is starting to piss me off. 

Dreamcatcher, by State Faults

I am a dreamcatcher 
Chewing on stars with my baby teeth 
Standing on scraped knees, believer 
Believing in me I am gone 
A head in the clouds kind of life 
Afraid of the floor, a thousand closed doors and a fast fading light 
"I think I can, I think I can" 
So I’ll climb 
Everything wilts in the changing of times 
The gardens we plant in our lives and we reach for the sky 
I cant sleep, in the wake of these dreams I am terrified 
Catching my breath I’m alive 
Feeling the first time I am worth it, 
The fistful of summer I throw in the amber 
Echoing back an answer in perfect time 
I’ll follow the same stars and the same signs a million times 
But it all fades away cause nothing can stay 
I am a dreamcatcher