Roots of a rotting tree

"There’s toe jam, pearl jam, and jelly jam"

-My mother’s boyfriend

"Thanks for all the help."

I strive for the marriage of poignancy and grandiloquence.

More Drunk Poetry

this one is for the ones

who’ve seen me

skeleton, flesh, and skin

good friend

master of sin



honor was never an issue

all is lost, every virtue

worldly pleasure

earthly desire

I adore you

the art of dying

I employ you

the philosophy of the party

you have taken every part of me

sign me up

a life of servantry

the kind that never looks

as good as it tastes

the kind that sympathizes

as it masturbates

looks just as good covered in blood

as it does dressed up for a date




goddamn son-of-a-bitch

Another Drunk Poem

I’ve never wanted to suffocate

more than breathe

until now

I want to feel the weight

the pressure around my neck

tied tight

I’ve been so content

and it disgusts me

I have become a drought

in search of water

the kind that I

could never provide

deficient from birth

defected from the start

I am my own worst regret

forced to live 

spending not spent

falling awake 

half dead

trapt in lust

stifled with famine 

a maddened descent

welcome to the kingdom

of the perverse

disillusioned, we never rest

disheartened, we never sleep

I have never felt so weak

breathing is a chore

best left to those who can speak

while the writers ink

their on ongoing obituaries

those life long symphonies

hammer in hand

nails between fingers

I kiss my coffin

this is a promise

an epitaph

may it read as I have written

Drunk Poetry

where art thou deft dreamers?

who dream of grandeur

not that of which 

their father had promised

but of imagination

unbridled confidants

who supplant their oppressors

with illusory visions

and unbroken truths

whose words become a lust

unquenchable come sobriety

whose eyes were shut 

with consciousness

this is my fatal crush

this is my wound of affection

beseech this title to me

for it is a curse

I am the king of drunken poetry

a martyr for lovers lost

and stars crossed

wisdom gained from failure

and illusions of thought of

only in dreams do I achieve

anything worth writing about

all my profit is through misery

nothing will ever come so easily



Lets just take the time to appreciate this dudes twitter

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I can’t believe this is real life. #takemymoney #converge #andrewwk #janedoe #party


I can’t believe this is real life. #takemymoney #converge #andrewwk #janedoe #party

(via convergecult)